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Iago Vs. Moriarty an Argumentative Comparison - 1364 Words

In William Shakespeare’s Othello, the antagonist Iago shows evil motivations towards the protagonist Othello that could be considered obsessive. This pattern of behavior can be compared to the BBC television rendition of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and its antagonist Moriarty. Iago and Moriarty’s obsessive behavior greatly effect Othello and Sherlock’s lives respectively that provide a solid argumentative comparison between the two. William Shakespeare’s Othello presents and â€Å"evil† character, Iago, who can be compared to the Arthur Conan Doyle TV adaption of BBC Sherlock’s Moriarty. Iago takes on many different persona’s to enact his plan of revenge upon Othello. He plays the friend, a trustworthy and credible source of†¦show more content†¦Fallings just like flying except theres a more permanent destination.† (Sherlock.) The Fall is referring to Jim’s plan to blackmail Sherlock into suicide or else his friends would be targeted. Moriarty seems to be so insecure about his cleverness that he would kill and target innocent people to get the glory he believes her deserves. This plan parallels to Iago’s against Othello. The event of Othello’s elopement is the turning point for Iago’s obsession and plot to destroy his life by sabotaging his relationships with Desdemona and his closest friends. Othello’s tragic flaw of trusting the wrong people leads him to his demise. Iago’s first plan of action brings Brabantio, Desdemona’s father, into play. He speaks of how â€Å"The Moor†, Othello, is deflowering his daughter’s purity. â€Å"Even now, now, very now, an old black ram / Is tupping your white ewe† (1.1.88-89) (Othello.) Iago’s obsession goes so far as to bring his own wife into his plot without her knowledge. Iago asks Emilia to steal Desdemona’s handkerchief as â€Å"evidence† of her infidelity. â€Å"My wayward husband hath a hundred times / Woo’d me to steal it; but she so loves the token....I’ll have the work ta’en out, And give’t Iago: what he will do with it Heaven knows, not I; I nothing but to please his fantasy.† (3.3.292-299) (Othello.) A man who prided himself on being trustworthy was so blinded with jealousy and hatred that he would sabotage his own wife to take down Othello’s life. Pride is also a

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The Renaissance Era - 915 Words

In the wake of death, destruction, and war came the Renaissance. The Renaissance was an era of cultural rebirth that swept across Europe during the 14th to the 17th century . This era marked the time in which man returned to their classical learning and values of ancient Rome and Greece and began to change their attitude towards religion (Renaissance Art). While the Renaissance is in the past it continues to live on throughout many different fields of art, theories and movements. However, paintings such as â€Å"the Mona Lisa†, â€Å"The School of Athens†, and â€Å"The Arnolfini Portrait† which were created by the great innovators Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Jan van Eyck respectively, tend to be more symbolic and exemplary of the spirit of the renaissance era. The Renaissance era was faced with the hundred years war, the black death, classicism and the issues of religion, such as the distancing from church and humankind s search for the meaning of their exist ence and how life works. With these ongoing issues, Renaissance paintings often depicted images of war, death, the values from ancient Greece and Rome and they became more secular as well. Additionally, the artist began to develop new techniques such as linear perspective, realism, depth, symmetry, and classicism. Artists also began to make use of light, detail anatomy, depict nature and focus on individuals instead of groups of people. Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous painters and at 15 was an apprentice toShow MoreRelatedRenaissance And The Renaissance Era915 Words   |  4 Pages Renaissance The Renaissance era was a time of great change in music, art, literature, and science. The Renaissance, which lasted from the 1300 s to the 1600 s began in Italy and spread throughout other countries to England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. During this time, there was a great deal of agricultural economy and the church were dominate and transform society. The word Renaissance come from the Latin word meaning â€Å"rebirth.† During the Renaissance period manyRead MoreThe Renaissance Era1529 Words   |  6 PagesThe Renaissance Era took place for a time period that lasted for approximately 150 years and during that time significant changes took place. These changes were with the Arts, Literature, Fashion, and ideals. â€Å"The entire age can be subdivided into three phases: from 1350 to 1400 during which discovery of ancient texts and experimentation with new art forms took place; 1400 to 1500 typified by political stability in the Italian city-states and the creation of recognizable cultural; and 1500 to 1550Read MoreThe Era Of The Renaissance Era1798 Words   |  8 Pages The renaissance era came by its name quite easily as it literally means rebirth. This era was a transitional period from the intellectually dark middle ages and ushered in a new wave of thinking and explorations. During Da Vinci s life, the world experienced the fall of Constantinople to the Turks in 1453 and Christopher Columbus s voyage to the new world in 1492. England experienced its own civil war in 1455, Cairo fell to the Ottomans in 1517 and Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the churchRead MoreThe Era Of The Renaissance1693 Words   |  7 PagesItaly can be looked at as the home of the renaissance and consequently the immergence of great art. Artists such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Da Vinci, and Raphael are some of the greats and are looked at for standards. But what about the artists whose lives are mysteries, and their works that were influen ced by the greats? These artists hold just as much importance in the history of art as do the artist’s whose names can be recalled off the top of an average person’s head. During the sixteenth centuryRead MoreThe Renaissance Era3878 Words   |  16 Pages The Renaissance Era was a time known as rebirth. Though the renaissance era had many problems, the people during that time period had been able adjust. This era directed people toward the way of better living. It allowed them to further their knowledge and gather ideas. The English Renaissance changed the lives of the people who lived during darker times. This time period motivated many people born during this time to become greater things. During the English Renaissance, people began to study theRead MoreThe Rise Of The Renaissance Era1166 Words   |  5 PagesClosely following the Middle Ages, the Renaissance era was a time from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century in Europe that brought a revival or â€Å"rebirth.† This rebirth came from an interest in ancient Greek and Roman education and principles. Europe was becoming more politically stable, new technological advances, like the printing press, were being created, new discoveries were being made, and the exploration of new lands/continents was urged. Philosophy, literature and especially art wereRead MoreThe Birth Of The Renaissance Era1093 Words   |  5 PagesDuring the birth of the Renaissance era there were many prominent people to have come out of Florence. Some of the greatest poets, artists, orators, and statesmen to live were alive and flourishing during this time period and they all seem to share one common set of ideals that set them apart and distinguish them from others of this era. This set of common set of principles would come to be know as the â€Å"universal man†. A man that was truly from the time and was all about patriotism and love for hisRead MoreThe Renaissance And Elizabethan Era1150 Words   |  5 PagesThe Renaissance and Elizabethan era were vital times in the rebirth of the lost art form of Greek and Roman times: Acting/Playwriting. During the Elizabethan era, playhouses formed to fill the void. There was four main theaters during that time, but one shined brighter than the rest. That one was known as the Globe theater. As many others were built, the Globe Theater was built on the south bank of the River Thames. It was erected around 1599 and was created for Lord Chamberlin’s men, who boughtRead MoreHumanism And The Renaissance Era940 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion #1 Humanism in the Renaissance Era was the notion that only the Human existence is what mattered. It rejected all aspects of the medieval era, a millennium, obsessed with all things Christian, God, and Faith driven. I partial agree with this statement; Humanism in the Renaissance Era was the notion that only the Human existence is what mattered. It rejected all aspects of the medieval era, a millennium, obsessed with all things Christian, God, and Faith driven. I believe the peopleRead MoreThe Renaissance Era Essay866 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the Renaissance era, the main concept was that it put human life, security, and religion at the interior. Renaissance literally means â€Å"rebirth† and it is a perfect visualization of what the renaissance was. The renaissance was a era of peace and prosperity which gave people a chance to be creative and passionate about their loves in life; whether it be painting or sculpting of theatre or music or any other thing in life. In the renaissance many inventions and discoveries were made. A few

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High Risk Pregnancy - The Battered Woman - 1085 Words

High Risk Pregnancy – The Battered Woman Erin Mosness MSU Billings City College Abstract In this paper it will discuss domestic violence during pregnancy. The signs and symptoms of a battered woman and the impact of domestic violence on the pregnant woman and her family will be deciphered. Medical intervention will be discussed, patient teaching will be described and there will be three pertinent nursing diagnosis’s with rationale. Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful process. It is something most women look forward to and in the most part it is a happy time for the mother, father, relatives and friends. An optimal pregnancy is one with minimal complication, but pregnancy, in itself, comes with its own set of complications. There are a lot of different diseases and conditions that can occur during pregnancy. Most of these complications can be fixed with medicine and close monitoring by the medical team. There is a high risk pregnancy that cannot be fixed by medicine, it is domestic violence. Domestic abuse/violence is abusive behavior in a relationship. The abusive behavior is used to possess power and control over the other individual. There are many forms of abuse. Physical abuse is a dangerous form of abuse for the pregnant woman. Domestic violence is a hidden epidemic that lurks behind closed doors and is rarely talked about or discussed openly. Domestic violence and pregnancy combine for a high risk pregnancy. As a healthcare providerShow MoreRelatedThe Domestic Violence Act 1995 Essay1499 Words   |  6 PagesIn New Zealand, 1 in 4 woman will experience a form of intimate partner violence (IPV) throughout the course of their relationships (New Zealand Family Violence Clearhouse, 2015). The Domestic Violence Act 1995 (2014) defines violence in this instance as physical , sexual and psychological abuse. This abuse has a myriad of health consequences on all members of the whÄ nau, including children who witness or are subjected to this violence. The primary health care (PHC) nurse has a range of responsibilitiesRead MoreCan Single-Parent Households Influence Adolescents To Become Abusers?1099 Words   |  5 PagesCensus, 2013). Common belief would lead people to believe that most children live with one parent as a result of divorce, but generally single parents were most likely never married at all due to the consequence of accidental, unplanned and teenage pregnancies, as well as adult women who put off marriage to get ahead in their career and education (Dornbusch et. Al., 1985). One basic cause of single-parent households are divorce. Divorce can be caused by many factors, including adultery/infidelity, midlifeRead MoreGender Inequality During Latin American Countries1373 Words   |  6 Pagesher life is at risk. Women who do go through with an illegal termination are eligible to face 8 years in prison, in some cases even more. â€Å"As a result of certain chilling interpretations of the law there have been cases where women have been charged with aggravated homicide, which carries a sentence of 30 years or more.† (Pothecary, 2013) Not only can the woman be prosecuted for terminating her pregnancy, the medical staff involved may also be charged. Furthermore, 30% of pregnancies in Latin AmericaRead MoreDoes Household Structure Cause a Child to Become a Violent Individual?1629 Words   |  7 Pagessingle mother. Common belief would lead people to believe that most children live with one parent as a result of divorce, but generally single parents we re most likely never married at all due to the consequence of accidental, unplanned and teenage pregnancies, as well as adult women who put off marriage to get ahead in their career and education. One basic cause of single-parent households are divorce. Divorce can be caused by adultery/infidelity, midlife crisis, addictions, work holism and the stressesRead MoreThe Young Women s Christian Organization Traces Essay1385 Words   |  6 Pagespanel of 25 women from local churches. The YWCA at Valeria Hall here offered safe, clean housing, a cafeteria, laundry facilities, and an employment bureau, a directory of rooming houses, traveler’s aid, an educational department, and club rooms for high school girls. In the 30’s and 40’s the YWCA of Great Falls evolved to meet the needs of the community as the United States experienced a period of depression, and then war. As World War II intensified, the YWCA turned its attention to supporting theRead MoreWhen Leaving Is Not An Option2498 Words   |  10 Pagesfemales (Mantel 35). Domestic violence is done by someone whom the victim knows very well. According to the United States Department of Justice, 1.3 million women are assaulted by an intimate partner each year in the United States. In addition, a woman is in more danger of being assaulted, stalked or even raped by an intimate partner then by a stranger (Mantel 37). To start off, when leaving an abusive partner or after leaving an abusive partner, many victims find little or no financially means ofRead MoreViolence Against Women s Rights1353 Words   |  6 Pagesis also an extreme violation against a women s right which has become an epidemic in our society. For several reasons, Violence against Women continues to soars drastically as result of, lack of resources such as: education, financial resources, high risk of sexually transmitted diseases, and exposure to abuse from an early age, gender equality and alcoholism. Violence against Women has no boundaries, we have to be prepare to face the facts and embrace them for a change. In addition, statistics’ haveRead MoreProstitution And Sexual Relations With Prostitution1515 Words   |  7 Pagesproblems and how one reacts to social interaction. With saying that mental illness could cause dissociation which occurs during extreme stress among prisoners of war who are tortured, among children who are sexually assaulted, and among women who are battered, raped, or prostituted also dissociation, depression, and other mood disorders are common among prostituted women in street, escort, and strip club prostitution according to Melissa Farley, PhD, Founding Director of the Prostitution Research andRead MoreChild Abuse and Violence Against Families1204 Words   |  5 Pagesleast likely to have reported the assault, while women who were assaulted by a stranger were more likely to report to police. 18% had never told anyone about the incident. Now we come to the question, why would a woman whose face is disfigured, whose bones are broken, whose pregnancy is lost, remain with a spouse who might beat her to death? For some, there is no exit. It is like the door is open but she cannot leave. She has no resources of her own, she needs to provide for her children, sheRead MoreDomestic Violence Essay3216 Words   |  13 Pagesthe death toll from family violence is about 1,247 women each year (Macionis, 359). Domestic violence has no typical victims. Domestic violence happens among people of all affects those of all levels of income and education. Women are most at risk in the safety of their own home than from violence on the streets. Some people believe that domestic violence (abuse) is a private matter to be dealt with by the family. But domestic violence is a crime and families have the right to be protected against

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Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Essay - 2085 Words

Introduction Human Resource Management (HRM) can be described as the term that is used to define formal systems developed for the administration of people/ personnel within the organization. The major responsibilities of the Human Resource are normally divided into three major areas of management: employee compensation, staffing the employees, and defining/designing work. Fundamentally, the major purpose of Human Resource Management is to make the most of the productivity of an organization by improving the efficiency of its staffs. The Human Resource comes across numerous issues and challenges, and in order to solve those issues, the HR managers have to take specific steps. In this paper, I am describing a particular issue related to Human Resource Management, which I have witnessed and I am intended to solve through my strategic and organizational point of view (Simons, 2011). Issue in the Organization The organization where I work is related to both manufacturing and customer service. I had heard about many issues happening within the organization. However, the most significant issue that I noticed/ observed in the Organization was related to the Human Resource Management. The customers often complained that they are not satisfied from the services being provided to them, which was majorly due to lack of capability of the employees to treat customers in a right way. They did not know what to do and when to do. Also, I noticed that most of the employees seemedShow MoreRelatedHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1508 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Human resource management (HRM) is the managing of human skills and talents to make sure they are used effectively and in alignment with an organization’s goals† (Youssef, 2012). The primary role of human resource management is to plan, develop, and order policies and programmers designed to make prompt use of an organizationâ€℠¢s human resources. It is that part of management which is concerned with the people at work and with their relationship within an organization. I currently work for a HumanRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1552 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an association that has emphases on the employment of, administration of, and providing direction for the employees within an organization. The Human Resource Management department members deliver knowledge, training, tools, administrative services, and lawful and organization advice. The HRM department is organized by very talented managers who has a mission to make sure the rest of the business has the needs for successful operation. HumanRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1562 Words   |  7 PagesHuman resource management (HRM) is an important strategic and systematic approach that provides each company with the opportunity to create policies and practices, as well as to establis h administrative forms (Pfeffer, 2007). According to Armstrong (2009) HRM is an approach that deals with ‘employment, development, and well-being of the people working in organizations’. However HRM has evolved significantly through the years due to the rapid social, economic, political and environmental changes.Read MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1142 Words   |  5 Pageshe HRM Process Human Resource Management (HRM) is a combination of elements that work interdependently on each other to carry out the daily functions within an organization. Human Resources Management operates in several roles serving as a liaison between the organization and the employee. This dual role often present challenges within HRM; therefore it is vital the HRM Department is skilled on various issues that may arise on a daily basis within an organization. In this paper, I will discussRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1105 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an association that has emphases on the employment of, administration of, and providing direction for the employees within an organization. The Human Resource Management department members deliver knowledge, training, tools, administrative services, and lawful and organization advice. The HRM department is organized by very talented managers who has a mission to make sure the rest o f the business has the needs for successful operation. HumanRead MoreHuman Resource Management : Hrm772 Words   |  4 Pagesa brief description of the models of HRM discussed in the first chapter of the textbook, and explain how each one relates to strategic human resource management. Human Resource Management (HRM) at its best seeks to manage people and resources to maximize economic and social outputs. Social output resulting from providing opportunity for advancement will ultimately make employees become true participants in the company. Bratton and Gold (2012) outline six HRM models, they are: the Forbrum, TichyRead MoreHrm And The And Human Resource Management1094 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The main purpose to write this essay is to analogize the differences in the field of HRM and IR. The Foundation of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management is based on intense academic study. The essay is an endeavor to illustrate by scrutinizing their objectives and the viewpoints or the approaches of this field. The first part of the essay is an attempt to define HRM and IR and it further continues to explain the differences and similarities between the two. In the lastRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )1405 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Resource Management (HRM) seeks to manage people and resources to maximize economic and social outputs. Bratton and Gold (2012) outline six HRM models which include: the Forbrum, Tichy and Devanna model, the Harvard model, the Guest model, the Warwick model, The Storey model, and Ulrich’s Strategic Partner model of HRM. Forbrum Tichy and Devanna model of HRM is based on the principle of selecting, appraising, developing and rewarding employees who fulfill management strategic business interestsRead MoreHuman Resource Management ( Hrm )2412 Words   |  10 Pages these human traits can bring considerable benefits to organizations† (Mullins 1999). However, when managed poorly they have the potential to limit organizational growth and threaten the viability of a business. â€Å"There are countless examples of corporate and project crises in the construction sector which have arisen as the result of people s behaviour, and it would seem that human resource management (HRM) has the potential to eliminate more construction risks than any other management approach†Read MoreHuman Resources Management ( Hrm ) Essay794 Words   |  4 Pages Human Resources Management (HRM) is people who work in an organization. The manager is a person who manages people, leads, facilitates and provide tools for the organization. Human resources management also, sets strategic processes and procedures, run difficult and complex communication as the organization attracts the best talents from the recruiting process. Human resources management is where everything begins and ends for an individual and the organization. Consequently

Green Roof Free Essays

string(156) " A study conducted by Environment Canada found a 26% reduction in summer cooling needs and a 26% reduction in winter heat losses when a green roof is used\." Many people don’t know what green roof is. So, what it is? A green roof is not a surface painted green, it is a living surface of plants growing in a soil layer on top of the roof. A thinner or thicker soil layer is spread over the roof membrane itself, sometimes with a protective root barrier, often with a drainage layer underneath. We will write a custom essay sample on Green Roof or any similar topic only for you Order Now On the substrate, draught-tolerant species of plants are grown. Roof vegetation like this one doesn’t at all damage the waterproofing membrane of the roof. In fact it protects it from the uv-light which does damage the membrane over time. There are two types of green roofs: extensive and intensive. There are some differences of its. An extensive roof has very thin soil layers, draught tolerant plants and requires little or almost no maintenance. The limitation here is in the choice of plants. Extensive roof can be established on a very thin layer of soil. An intensive roof garden has much thicker soil layers, and can look like an ordinary garden, with trees and shrubs. Intensive roofs are more park-like with easy access and may include anything from kitchen herbs to shrubs and small trees. This of course needs as much maintenance as a garden does, and can only be constructed on a roof that can bear heavy loads. (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Green_roof) It doesn’t matter what type roof is, but construction is a similar. Construction includes drainage materials, plant materials and establishment methods. For each green roof project, different site conditions and your aims and motives will govern the choice of materials and establishment methods. Therefore, if you are planning to build a green roof, consider the following two sections carefully. There are some roof sections which are important. First is a waterproofing. The membrane is made waterproof, and it will stay waterproof unless it gets physically damaged or aged. What ages a bitumen membrane is mainly uv-light and temperature extremes. Unless the roof membrane is damaged while laying the green roof, the soil and vegetation cover protects the membrane from these types of injuries later. (http://www. greenroof. se/? pid=32sub=19) Second section is root barrier. The asphalt waterproofing itself is not classified as root resistant and had to be reinforced with a root barrier. This barrier consists of rubberized asphalt enforced with polyester and treated eight a root-repelling agent. There are also synthetic waterproofing membranes (like PVC liners) available that are root resistant and do not require an additional root barrier. Different countries have different building practices and rules for green roofs – and many countries have no rules at all yet. In Germany, for example, a root barrier is always laid under a green roof. This is to ensure that no roots can damage the waterproofing. A root barrier is sometimes incorporated in the drainage layer. It can be chemical and poisonous to plants, or it can be a thin copper sheet, or rubber sealed so as to avoid seams. If your motive for having a green roof is sustainability and ecological consciousness, it’s a good idea to ask your contractor about the method. In Sweden, the usual practice is that under extensive roof vegetation (2 – 5 cm soil), where only sedums and moss can survive, an extra root barrier is not considered necessary, since the sedums used have weak roots, and moss has no roots at all. When the soil layer is thicker, and therefore can hold more water, other plants grow there, and there is a risk of getting weeds with more penetrative roots. Second layer is insulation. Insulation boards can be made from extruded polystyrene which has high water resistance and compressive strength. The main difference from the old roof is that the insulation layer must be places above the waterproofing membrane, but on the new roofs insulation must be located below the waterproofing. Second, but not less important, is drainage. The main reason for using a drainage layer is that if a lot of water drains off along the surface of the soil, this will cause erosion. The second reason, is that for roofs which are almost flat, too much water would remain on the roof, forming puddles. Especially sedum vegetation is adapted to dry conditions, and tends to rot if submerged. Besides, too much water available can lead to unwanted plants establishing on the roof. Another function of the drainage materials that are often used is to store some amount of water. This effect becomes more and more important the drier the conditions on the roof are, due to climate, a steeper slope or other conditions on the roof. Drainage materials used in green roofs include natural materials, recycled materials and manufactured drainage mats. (â€Å"Green roof systems† Susan K. Weiler, Katrin Scolz-Barth) And finally, the top layer is growing medium with plants. The growing medium provides nutrients and structure for the roots to anchor in. the proprietary mixes of the manufacturer consist of a lightweight aggregate, expanded shale, and some compost. The organic components make up about three to six percent of the shallow planting areas. The mix for deeper planting areas has slightly more organics. This mix is also heavier and allows a higher water-holding capacity in order to support the larger plants of these areas. In conclusion, one has to realize that there is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to the design of a green roof section. Though certain layers are always present – waterproofing, root barrier, insulation, protection layer, drainage layer, growing medium – their actual composition varies widely responding to a particular situation. â€Å"Green roof – a case study† Christian Werthmann) Green roofs have many advantages. One is a cooling effect. It is very useful effect for individual houses at summer time. A black bitumen roof easily reaches temperatures of 80 ° Celsius in the summer. When a soil layer and the shading plants protect the roof, the surface temperature usually doesnâ₠¬â„¢t rise above the surrounding air temperature. A study conducted by Environment Canada found a 26% reduction in summer cooling needs and a 26% reduction in winter heat losses when a green roof is used. You read "Green Roof" in category "Papers" In addition to this, the plants and soil evaporate water, creating a cooling effect, and a moister air, more comfortable to breathe. Cooling effect is useful at summer, but at winter there is another green roof feature – insulation. The soil layer provides an additional insulation. In warmer climates a green roof especially the versions with thicker soil layer, can make a difference in the heating required in the building. Life expectancy of the root membrane is also important. The waterproofing of the roof, for example bitumen, has a normal life expectancy of 25 years. After that it needs replacing. The reasons are that the uv-light from the sun makes the surface brittle, and then the expansion and shrinking caused by the fluctuations in temperature, together with the loss of elasticity, causes cracks to form in the membrane. The high temperatures in themselves, above 60 ° Celsius, age the membrane. The green roof protects the waterproofing from both the uv-light and the temperature extremes, increasing the life expectancy of the membrane to at least 60 years. (http://www. greenroof. se/? pid=28sub=19) One of the most important effects of green roofs in the cities is their potential for retaining and delaying rainwater during storms. The gutters and sewers in the city have to be big enough to cope with the amounts of water that falls during extreme storm events. As more and more surfaces in the built up areas are made hard and impermeable, less water can percolate naturally into the soil. This means that the sewers and treatment plants get higher and higher loads. For the water treatment plant this can be a great problem, since they take care of sewage as well as rainwater. If the sewage gets very diluted by a heavy rain, the sensitive chemical and microbiological processes are disturbed. Getting the balance back costs time and money, and in the meantime, sewage is less completely cleaned. Also, the treatment plants cannot store unlimited amounts of water, so during extreme rains, they are forced to let completely untreated water to the natural waters. The more rain water that is taken care of locally, the less often we will have to face these polluting events. (http://progressivetimes. wordpress. om/2010/10/04/one-roof-two-roofs-green-roofs-blue-roofs/) There are some effects which are interesting. The heat island effect. This is the effect that makes cities reach a higher average temperature than the countryside around them. The large amount of stone, asphalt and concrete in the towns and cities that absorb the heat from the sun in the daytime, and release it at night. An additional cause is the lack of trees and other vegetation. The night time tempe rature rises, and in the summer people suffers from sleeplessness. The cost of air condition goes up. Green roofs can protect from noise and electromagnetic radiation. Thick layers and plants can reduce noise in the outdoor environment and green roofs can reduce the electromagnetic radiation that enters a building to a great extent. (http://www. greenroof. se/? pid=28sub=19) The most important problem in big cities is pollution. Green roof vegetation, as well as other vegetation, use CO2 for their respiration, and therefore reduce the negative effects of pollution. Best are highly productive plants, which in a year can produce a lot of biomass. An extensive green roof does not produce very much, but intensive ones could. In this case, it might be a question of a small extra advantage, when large surfaces of the cities rooftops are used for vegetation. This is not a method that can be used as an only solution to the problems of pollution and global warming, but together with all the other beneficial effects of green roofs, it is a small step in the right direction. (http://www. greenroof. se/? pid=28sub=19) Green roofs also provide habitats for plants, insects, and animals that otherwise have limited natural space in cities. In modern city planning, â€Å"green corridors† are planned into the cities, where parks and waterways can connect the city with the surrounding countryside, and get humans in closer contact with nature. In the places where there isn’t enough ground space for green space, the green corridors, and the habitats for animals don’t have to be discontinued, if the flat roofs are used. (http://www. greenroof. se/? pid=28sub=19) Thus green roof save materials, energy and money, produce less waste, can protect from negative cities impact and what is the most important – is environmental friendly. However, green roof has some disadvantages. Weight is problematical field. A thin extensive green roof of the type widely used weighs about 50 kg/m2 when saturated with water. Lighter versions are available, that uses rock wool as substrate instead of soil, which gives a weight of about 35 kg/m2. Compare that to tiles that weigh 33 – 37 kg /m2, depending on the type. If you live in a region where you can expect snow, then weight has to be reckoned as well. So some buildings, especially old buildings, cannot be retrofitted with certain kinds of green roof because of the weight load of the substrate and vegetation exceeds permitted static loading. Depending on what kind of green roof it is, the maintenance costs could be higher. Cost is the main reason why people didn’t want green roofs. Properly designed and -installed systems include root barriers. It is true that installing adequate waterproofing systems and root barriers automatically can increase the initial cost of the roof. A properly designed and installed green-roof system can cost 15 to 20 dollars per square foot as a total cost, not including the roof’s waterproof layers. In Europe, a well-designed and professionally installed fully integrated green roof can cost anywhere between 100 to 200 euros per square meter, depending on the kind of roof, the building structure, and which plants are used. Despite of that, I think that green roofs have more advantages than disadvantages. (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Green_roof) It is clear that living green roofs and landscapes over structure are not a panacea for ameliorating the negative environmental impacts resulting from increased development or the loss of open space. They cannot and will not replace our forests and prairies, will nor remediate the degradation of all stream corridors, and will not stop global warming by themselves. However, green roofs and landscapes over structure can act buffers to mitigate the impacts of unbridled and unplanned urban growth and development. Reducing building roofs generates less storm water runoff, reduces the heat gain that affects our indoor and outdoor environments, and mitigates the continued degradation of air and water quality. Green roofs provide additional usable, confortable open space. How to cite Green Roof, Papers

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Question: Discuss about theAustralian Digital Health Agency. Answer: E-procurement Using electronic trade in order to improve an organizations guide has been measured as an initial point for executing electronic trade for many associations in a trade to trade context. The quick growths in internet technology have made the inter-organization connectivity much easier and cheaper than it was earlier, thereby granting prospects for many corporations whether large or small in order to realize the value of Internet. The meaning of procurement was much broader than the word acquisition. Theoretically, it comprises of the actions such as obtaining, carrying, warehousing, and inbound being paid. Procurement has been a purpose of substantial significance to both community and personal divisions. Such significance can be accredited to the fact that procurement accounts for the preponderance of the managerial proceeds across all kinds of associations globally. Australian organizations were no exception (Rahim and As-Saber 2011). In particular, Australian public procurement engages a huge amount of public operating cost to the harmony of around 17% of the GDP each year that arrived at a astounding $214 billion in the year 2008-2009 financial years (Ageshin 2001). Executing electronic procurement was of premeditated nature rather than of a planned significance. It should be regarded as an internal part of an associations overall electronic trade approach because of its enormous expense and probable savings. Many corporations expend as much as 30 per cent of their proceeds for tortuous procurement that was related to the non-production of materials and services (Rahim 2008). Many organizations, both public and private were espousing electronic procurement programs in order to obtain the benefits of Internet expertises (Pani and Agrahari 2007). E- procurement i.e. the electronic procurement has been regarded sometimes as a dealer substitute which was the trade to trade or trade to customer or trade to government acquisition and sale of the materials, job and services through internet as well as other data and arrangement systems (Australian Digital Health Agency 2016)(Pires and Stanton 2013). The electronic procurement value chain comprises of the align organization, electronic tendering, order class, electronic payment and agreement management. It symbolizes the procedure of automatically buying products and services which were requisite for an organizations procedure. It engrosses the exploitation of incorporated communiqu systems for the behavior of the part or all of the acquisition procedure, which involves of recognizing the desires of the purchasing workers, search, etc (OECD 2016). In Australia and other developed nations, administration was making several attempts in order to restructure their procurement procedures by utilizing innovative web-based e-procurement explanations. Functionally, e-procurement can have three approaches: electronic procuring non-production goods and services, electronic sourcing and electronic auction. The role of purchasing has also been changed significantly due to the proceeds which have been there in the information technologies (IT) and the information systems (IS). Web based data systems facilitate several purchasing allied actions to be directed electronically. Internet purchasing, trade to trade marketplaces and invalidate auctions grants potential for electronic procurement requests. A supply chain refers to the system of the amenities and the actions that carry out the functions of the product growth, procurement of the material from seller, the movement of the materials among facilities, the manufacturing of the goods, the allocation of the refined goods to the consumers and after sales sustains. Supply chain points out all the actions which were associated with the alteration, flow of goods and services from the causes of raw materials to the concluding clients. Repeatedly, supply chain management has also been regarded as the incorporation of the major trade procedures from the concluding clients through inventive suppliers that grant goods and services which would add value for consumers and the other stakeholders (Chartered Institute of Procurement Supply 2013). Before the beginning of the supply chain management perception, the hub was on the form level presentation. Over the years, as corporations have insistently chased the cost cutting proposals then they have begun to reach the point of the retreating trivial proceeds within their organizations own limits. The Electronic Procurement system symbolizes a major electronic trade novelty that was utilized with the supply chain. They rely on the internet and capitalize the novelty of web-based skills in order to computerize and make more efficient use of the procedure of procurement. When these systems were successfully executed then they offer many other benefits. However, the electronic procurement benefits were tailed to make a distinction among different organizations (Khosrowpour 2003). The concept of supply chains was parallel to the Porters definition of value chains which he gave. The Value chain model has been observed as a sequence of the consistent activities and groups where these activities act as primary and the shore up activities (Croom 2000). One of the complicatedness which arises in defining the word procurement was that it does not covenant with a solitary act or procedure. Procurement coats the total variety of proceedings from neither the recognition of requirement for a good nor service through to its removal or termination. But the term procurement in Australia was very alike to the term of supply management. Procurement encompasses of the actions and the events before and after the marking of an agreement as well as the universal organization actions which were connected within a range of agreements such as (Purchase and Dooley 2010): Pre agreement activities such as setting up, needs detection, examination and foundation; Post agreement actions such as agreement organization, supply chain organization and the removal; and General actions such as corporate governance, dealer association of the organization, danger management and the authoritarian observance. Of the other terms supply management has been regarded as a very comparable term to the term procurement and might be used as a synonym, but other ordinary words normally narrate to just part of the large procedure detained by procurement. It not only search out to decrease prices and to guarantee supply, it also chains planned managerial aims such as market growth and good novelty. After doing trade analysis, it has been measured by an individual that it could benefit from executing electronic procurement in mainly five ways which includes: Incarcerating and decreasing the rogue expenditure- rogue expenditure means that those expenses which were outside of the procurement agreement the same can be tackled by implementing the e- procurement. Better study, spending tracking and contracting prices- The accomplishment of electronic procurement could make easy the compilation and the analysis of the expenditure data. Cutting out the distributors in order to drive down the prices- The Corporation anticipates from the realizing e-procurement was to lesser the price of the goods buyed by cutting out some distributors and arbitrators. Optimizing logistics to decrease shipping prices- Before realizing the e -procurement the corporation was able to depend upon a system that channels everything through to its allocation storehouse. This could influence the movement of the materials purchased and thus reduce the logistics prices. Assisting advanced planning for preservation by incorporating e-procurement with ERP and other e-business requests- The incorporation of e procurement with ERP and the PM facilitates the corporation to automatically rest the instructions and produce requests on the dealers or the vendors for the goods. In a recent survey which was demeanor and a number of challenges were developed which takes place in implementing e procurement such as interior confrontation to change (27%), system too complicated to appreciate (11%), e-procurement system incorporation with accessible IT systems (11%), worker training (11%), and supplier migration to the Internet (11%). Several challenges have been also recognized in putting into practice e-procurement including issues in human resource management, technology integration, and suppliers involvement. One challenge in executing e-procurement was the redistribution and preparation of workers. Because e-procurement can mechanize considerably many procedures, some existing workers have to be redistributed. Also the skills required for its workers need to be distorted, especially, from putting together purchase orders to putting procurement deals together. Finally, how to involve its suppliers in e-supply was another challenge. The manager was mindful of this issue and intends to adopt a staged advance to engaging suppliers in this area. Several large hardware suppliers who the corporation has already dealt with in e-procurement in other parts of Australia would be selected first. From the above mentioned work it can be concluded that a practical instrument that could assist the associations in order to measure electronic procurement success would be inculcated. It would help the association to assess the effect of electronic procurement systems in a systematic manner and identify ways to improve the chance of success. References Rahim, M. 2008, Identifying Factors Affecting Acceptance of E-procurement Systems: An Initial Qualitative Study at an Australian City Council, Communications of the IBIMA, vol. 3. Khosrowpour, M. 2003, Information Technology and Organizations: Trends, Issues, Challenges and Solutions, Volume 1 Information technology and organizations: trends, issues, challenges and solutions, Idea Group Inc (IGI), United Stated of America. Pires, G.D. and Stanton, J. 2013, A Research Framework For The Electronic Procurement Adoption Process: Drawing From Australian Evidence, Journal of Global Business and Technology, vol. 1, no. 2, pp-12-17. Ageshin, E.A. 2001, E-Procurement at work: A case study, Production and Inventory Management Journal, p. 48-53. Croom, S.R. 2000, The Impact of Web-Based Procurement on the Management of Operating Resources Supply, The Journal of Supply Chain Management, p. 4-13. 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Henry James The Turn Of A Screw Essay On Atmosphere free essay sample

Evidently, the one being told appears to have exceptional impact, since held us implies the Story has captivated those who are listening to it. The curiosity as to what it exactly is that intrigues the characters, is also synonymously what intrigues the reader creating tension as an outcome. Then, the contain caution of the setting being described as on Christmas Eve in an old house further extends the atmosphere of tension, due to Christmas Eve being a day of significance and old house having connotations to an establishment as such is typically found to be undaunted or cursed in Gothic works.As a result, it meets the primary purpose and aim of the prologue, as James intended it to: to set the foundations for tension, unease and fear to be established upon. Further evidence that the prologue does this includes descriptions of the sighted ghost as: of a dreadful kind, and: waking her up in the terror of it; these quotations particularly evoke a sense of fear in the narrators monolog ue and to the reader, who attempts to decipher the true monstrous image of such a nastily- described being. We will write a custom essay sample on Henry James The Turn Of A Screw Essay On Atmosphere or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This quite sudden and swiftly-advanced transition towards an atmosphere of fear, before the story even begins to switch to the governess perspective, is done so by James with the intention of catching the reader off-guard and causing them to garner exceptional concern for the sheer sinisterly of the circumstances in which Douglas story entails. As Douglas is prompted to recite the ghost story for the others who are held in remarkable awe and await his narration eagerly with extraordinary anticipation he informs them that he shall have to send to town since The Torys written.Its in a locked drawer -? it has not been out for years. Whilst this primarily inflicts discontent among them, James deliberately adds the detail of it has not been out for years to yet again form a link with Gothic genre, since old and aged both depict some hidden secrecy or plot-holes within the anticipated narrative. In addition, the fact is has been placed into a locked drawer further builds upon the notion of secrecy; why might the story need to be hidden? Who and what from? What is it even about?These questions all place the reader at unease; henceforth the prologue establishes the tone of the novel from the very start At least, that is what the reader In chapter 1 , the switch of perspective and the stark contrast of presumes. Setting juxtapose that of the imagery portrayed during the prologue. For instance: a lovely day, through a country to which the summer sweetness seemed to offer me a friendly welcome features a variety of positive adjectives and abstract nouns, i. E. sweetness and friendly.Albeit the heartening description of the scenery, any reader which had begun reading he novel with a mind-set of slight skepticism, would have attempted to read between the lines and would perhaps discover the awfully cliche nature of the vast and abrupt mood shift to be unsettling. James, as we know, wrote The Turn of The Screw with challenging the typical Gothic literature stance in mind; since he has chosen to implement this aspect of the narrative beginning as pleasant and harmonious despite his clearly apparent goals, this in turn imposes unease upon the reader as they begin to second-guess the legitimacy of the governess recount.Unease is continuously maintained more so than tension or fear as of yet thro ughout the rest of chapters 1 and 2. Most notably, the level of unease the reader feels is heightened when the governess meets Flora; spot a creature so charming, and: She was the most beautiful child I had ever seen both strike the reader as very peculiar and extravagant remarks to make about a young child. This might be regarded as some as the first sign of the governess perception skewed and/or delusional to some degree.How she will treat and look after Flora becomes a pressing Hough that the reader possesses, since there is uncertainty as to whether her inexperience will lead to a lack of rational approach when nurturing a chi lid whom she finds so exquisite. Unease again is heightened further on at the beginning of chapter 2, when the news is heard of Miles expulsion from school, within days of her enrolling as her position.The governess uptakes a gallant uptake of duty and deems herself responsible for this having happened. Tension is simultaneously resumed when the governess claims that the schools reasoning for having done so is because Miles was an injury to there. This quotation insinuates that Miles a 10 year old and seemingly innocent boy -? had the capacity to cause harm to his classmates (and teachers).